January 25, 2017

What happened to the days of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend and walking hand in hand through the breezeway?  Where are the spontaneous gestures and sweet nothings whispered amongst young couples?  Doesn’t seem like giving flowers, taking a girl to dinner, or a hint of chivalry is flourishing in college.  My daughter is bright, beautiful, fun, witty, a true “catch.”  It boggles my mind that she and her close girlfriends don’t date!  What happened to those wonderful romantic days?

“Hello my name is Jolie…and I’m in love with LOVE.”

I’ll admit, I was that girl who always had a boyfriend.  Looking back, it was needy…downright dependent.  However, it was also wonderfully chock full of tender touches and butterfly moments.  I’m not advocating going out and getting a boyfriend “just because.”  In fact, I admire the strength of young women in college.  I’m just puzzled…no, downright BAFFLED by their lack of meaningful connection for any duration longer then a night....

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