October 31, 2016

College applications…does it feel like sprinting to the finish line?   How we handle this stressful period can stretch our parenting skills to the limit.  I’m almost at the finish line with my high school senior and here are some thoughts.

As moms we have a choice in the application process.  A) We can hover over our kids and micromanage each step to ensure they check the right boxes, proofread their essays, and make sure they list working for a family member in their resume.  B) We may choose to hire a college counselor to manage the whole thing (this is great as it can relieve you of the “nudge” factor!).  However, counselors are expensive and perhaps the pocket book doesn’t allow for this luxury.  Lastly, option C) Let them do it themselves, deadlines and all! 

Very few parents will choose the last option (at least the parents I know) as the process is too important to leave it up to your teen to undertake on his or her own.  It’s a tough decision, one ma...

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